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The best thing about reaching your golden years is being able to save on almost everything. However, senior discounts vary by location, store, day, and seem to change every year. This up to date and verified list makes it easy for you to find deals and discounts on your favorite restaurants, grocery stores, prescriptions, and much more! Additionally, to help you reference all of these discounts, we’ve created printable checklists for some of the discount types below. Simply download the sheet of discounts and print them out.

What is a Senior Discount?

A senior discount is a deduction (usually about 10% off) from the usual price of something. Senior discounts are offered to assist older adults that may not have as flexible spending availability compared to younger adults. These discounts vary, so make sure to ask about a discount whenever you visit a store or restaurant. Luckily, we’ve put together a comprehensive list to give you a general idea of whether or not a business will offer a senior discount.

What Age Do You Have to Be to Receive a Senior Discount?

The age to receive a senior discount is subjective and is determined by different business establishments. Depending on which establishment you spend your money through, you can expect them to have some sort of policy that specifies the minimum age. This minimum age usually ranges from 50 to 65. To make sure that you are able to receive the senior discount you will need to ask to get the savings.

What Types of Discounts are Available for Seniors?

There are a large number of discounts available for seniors from restaurants to grocery stores, travel, and more. The discounts consist of things like a free item or a percent discount off the final price. Read through our list of discounts to learn more about the different types of discounts for older adults!

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Whether you’re not in the mood to cook or feel like going out for a bite to eat, you’ll be pleased to find that your favorite restaurant may have special menus and discounts just for you. Many restaurants offer special events and early bird specials, so be sure to call your favorite spots and inquire about any extra deals they might have. 


(60+) 10–15% off, varies by location and may require a Golden Apple Card


(55+) 10% off and a free drink, but varies by location


(Age not specified) 10% off, but varies by location

Backyard Burger

(Age not specified) Free drink with purchase

Ben & Jerry’s

(60+) 10% off, but varies by location


(60+) Discount varies by location, call your location for details

Bob’s Big Boy

(60+) Discount varies by location, call your location for details

Boston Market 

(65+) Discount varies by location, call your location for details

Burger King 

(60+) 10% off, plus additional discounts on coffee and soft drinks

Captain D’s Seafood

(62+) “Happy Wednesday Offer” meal + drink for $4.99 or less, varies by location

Carrows Restaurants

(55+) Offers breakfast, lunch & dinner senior menus 


(55+) Offers free refills but does not include coffee, offer varies by location

Chili’s Restaurant 

(55+) 10% off

CiCi’s Pizza

(Age not specified) Website claims many of their stores offer senior discounts but make sure to call and see what’s offered near you

Corky’s Homestyle Kitchen & Bakery

(55+) Offers a senior menu and a Senior’s Frequent Diner Card that gives you a FREE meal after 9 meals purchased

Country Kitchen

(55+) Senior Menu offered

Culvers Corner

(60+) 10% off

Dairy Queen

(55+) 10% off for seniors and free small drink but varies by location


(55+) Offers a senior menu

Dunkin’ Donuts 

(55+) 10% off

Einstein’s Bagels

(60+) 10% off

El Pollo Loco

(60+) 10% off 


(62+) Offers “Club 62” program to access deals, varies by location

Friendly’s Restaurants

(Age not specified) 10% off meal, free coffee at breakfast, and a free small sundae during lunch or dinner hours


(55+) 10% off senior platters

Gatti’s Pizza

(60+) 10% off

Golden Corral

(60+) Discount varies by location, call your location for details


(52+) 10% off and $0.33 beverages every day 


(55+) Offers a senior menu 

Jack in the Box

(55+) Up to 20% off


(55+) 5–10% discount and free small drink with any meal, varies by location

Krispy Kreme 

(50+/age varies by location) 10% off, varies by location

Long John Silver’s

(55+) Discounts vary by location, call your location for details


(55+) Everyday discount on coffee 

Mrs. Fields

(60+) 10% off at participating locations

Old Country Buffet

(55+) Daily discounts, varies by location

Papa John’s 

NO standard senior discount policy, however check with local stores. Also, AMAC members receive 25% off, enter code “25SAVE”


(55+) Offers senior menu

Polo Tropical

(50+) 10% off

Ponderosa SteakHouses

(60+) Senior menu available, additional senior discounts vary by location

Richie Roman’s Barbecue

(52+)10% off

Shoney’s of Knoxville

(60+) Join the “Golden Age Club” to get 10% off


(60+) Offers “Honored Guest Menu” varies by location


(60+) 10% off or free beverage varies by location


(60+) 10% off varies by location

Souplantation (Sweet Tomatoes) 

(60+) Senior Meal Deal: $8.79 (includes beverage) from 2–5pm, Monday–Friday, deals vary slightly by location

Taco Bell

(65+) 5% off and a free beverage


(55+) 10% off

Tea Room Cafe

(50+) 10% off

The Old Spaghetti Factory

(Age not specified) Offers a discounted menu that contains smaller portioned 3 course meals

Traditions Restaurant (East TX)

(50+) Senior platter meals for $4.71

Village Inn

(60+) 10% off

Waffle House

NO standard senior discount policy. Check with local stores, discounts vary by location


NO standard senior discount policy. Check with local stores, discounts vary by location


(55+) Free drink w/ purchase of a meal, varies by location 

White Castle 

(62+) 10% off

AARP Restaurant Discounts

Being an AARP member offers many perks including a long list of discounts. In order to become a ‘full’ member with AARP you must be 50+. AARP memberships only cost $16 per single year and $12.60 when you sign up for multiple years. If you’re interested in joining or are already a member, you can find restaurant deals only available for AARP members below. 

Bonefish Grill 

(50+) 10% off for AARP Members

Bubba Gump Shrimp Company

(50+) 10% off for AARP Members

Carrabba’s Italian Grill

(50+) 10% off entire meal for AARP Members, not valid at Kirby and Woodway locations in Houston, TX

Chart House

(50+) 10% off for AARP members

Claim Jumper

(50+) 10% off for AARP members


(50+) 15% off for AARP members

Landry’s Seafood 

(50+) 10% off for AARP members

McCormick & Schmick’s

(50+) 10% savings for AARP members on food and beverages (excluding alcohol)

The Oceanaire Seafood Room

(50+) 10% off for AARP members of food and non-alcoholic beverages 

Outback Steakhouse 

(50+) 10% off meals for AARP members

Rainforest Cafe

(50+) 10% off for AARP members

Red Sushi Hibachi & Grill

(50+) 10% off for AARP members


(50+) Save 10% for AARP members

Grocery Stores 

Looking to Save on your weekly groceries? Although not publicly announced, your local grocery store may have deals that’ll save you extra money! See the list below to find grocery stores that may be near you.

American Discount Stores

(62+) 10% off every Monday


(60+) 5% off every Wednesday

Compare Foods Supermarket

(60+) 10% off every Wednesday DeCicco 

Family Markets

(60+) 5% off every Wednesday

Fred Meyer 

(55+) 10–15%, depending on department, as well as Senior Events found on their Fred Meyer Weekly Ad

Fry’s Food Stores

(55 +) 10% off on the first Wednesday of every month

Gristedes Supermarket

(65+) 10% off every Tuesday

Harris Teeter

(60+) 5% off every Thursday 


(55+) 5% every Wednesday

New Seasons

(65+) 10% off every Wednesday most items


(60+) 5% every Wednesday


(60 +) 5% off every Wednesday; ONLY in Tennessee, North Carolina and the northern portions of Alabama, South Carolina and Georgia

Uncle Guiseppe’s Marketplace

(65+) 5% off every Wednesday

Retail Stores

Most retail stores rarely disclose their senior discounts, however the majority of them offer small discounts to those who ask. Many stores only offer discounts on certain days and locations, so always verify with the store before you drop in.  

Banana Republic 

(50+) 10% off

Bealls Outlet 

(50+) 15% off every Tuesday


(62+) 15% off the first Tuesday of every month

Bon-Ton Department Stores

(55+) 15% off on senior discount days; earn extra 20% if you use the store’s credit card

C.J. Banks/Christopher Banks

(60+) 10% off every Wednesday


(62+) 10% off


(55+) 10% off Tuesday and/or Wednesday, varies by location


(55+) 10–20% off one day a week, day varies by location


(Age varies by location) 10% off one day a week, day varies by location


(65+) 10% senior discount every day


(60+) 15% off on Wednesdays


(55+ and AARP members) 10% off every day 

Modell’s Sporting Goods

(65+) 10% off 

Rite Aid

(65+) 20% entire store every FIRST Wednesday of the month, excluding prescriptions, MUST enroll in Wellness+ program and show Wellness+ card


(55+) 10% off every Tuesday

The Salvation Army Thrift Stores

(55+) Up to 50% off, days vary by location


(55+) 20% off red dot/clearance items first Monday of every month

TJ Maxx 

(55+) 10% on Mondays (FLORIDA only)


(65+ and AARP members) 20% off once a month ONLY with “Balance Rewards” card 


Prescriptions can make a huge dent in your pockets but are necessary for your health. Find multiple resources below to get you the best deal when ordering and refilling your prescriptions!


AARP members and any dependents (regardless of their age) can save an average of 61% on prescriptions that aren’t covered by their insurance, with the AARP Prescription Discount Card (provided by OptumRx). This includes brand name, FDA-approved generic, and specialty drugs. AARP is accepted by 66,000 pharmacies nationwide.


GoodRx compares prices and discounts from over 70,000 pharmacies. Just download the app or visit the GoodRx website to search for the medicines you need for the lowest price. Next, all you have to do is print the coupon, email it to yourself, or send it to your phone to show your pharmacist.

Rite Aid

When you sign up for the Rite Aid Rx Savings Program, you’ll receive an Rx Savings Card that gives you access to special discounts at Rite Aid pharmacies. You can save 15% on thousands of brand-name and generic prescription drugs. 

Costco Member Prescription Program

Costco offers a member prescription program for you, your family, and even your pets! It offers between 2–40% off your prescriptions that aren’t covered by your insurance or if you aren’t insured.

CVS Pharmacy

ExtraCare Pharmacy & Health Rewards program allows you to earn up to $50 in “Extrabucks” through filling prescriptions. Sign up on the CVS website or on your mobile phone. If you fill 10 prescriptions, you can earn $5 “ExtraBucks”.


The Prescription Savings Club at Kmart covers you for an annual fee of $10. If you want coverage for the whole family it’s an added 5$ fee. This will allow access to select generic drugs, starting at $5 for a 30-day supply and starting at $10 for a 90-day supply. You also receive a 10% off of pet prescriptions and 25% off vaccinations. Use the Drug Price lookup tool see if and how much you can save.


Narcup’s prescription discount card is available for all ages. This program is for individuals who may not have insurance or have certain prescriptions that are not covered by their insurance. It also covers select pet medications. Benefits include no fees, no wait for activation, and is accepted by all major pharmacies and majority of independent pharmacies. If you already have insurance, ask your pharmacist to run your Narcup discount card to see if your card offers better prices than your insurance company.

SingleCare allows you to save up to 80% on your prescriptions. Just download the app or visit the SingleCare website to search for the medicines you need for the lowest price. Next, all you have to do is print the coupon, email it to yourself, or send it to your phone to show your pharmacist.


In 2015 Target pharmacies switched over to CVS Pharmacies. All prescriptions on file were transferred so you can access your records and refill your prescriptions at CVS/Target or by visiting the Pharmacy inside stores. For general pharmacy questions, contact your local pharmacy. The Target Prescription Savings Plan was replaced with the CVS rewards program (which you can read about above).

Walgreens Prescription Savings Club

For an annual fee for $20 (individual) or 35$ (family), Walgreen Prescription Savings Club provides discounts on over 8,000 prescriptions, 5–20% on most immunizations. You can also save on medication your insurance does not cover, your pet’s prescriptions, and a bonus 10% on Nice! products and Walgreens Brand products. However, these memberships are no longer available or applicable in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Mississippi.

Walmart Pharmacy Services

Walmart pharmacies offer multiple generic medications, branded drugs, and pet medications for a very low-cost. You can get a 30-day supply ($4) and 90-day ($10) prescriptions for generic medications. Make sure to check their medication lists on the Walmart site to see their low-costs for other medications. 


There’s only one thing better than vacation, and that’s saving! Find out below where you can score extra savings on your next trip and relax with an extra budget to spend on souvenirs and fun activities.


American Airlines

(65+) Offers various discounts, just call to apply

Southwest Airlines

(65+) Offers various discounts, just call to apply

United Airlines

(65+) Offers various discounts, just call to apply

U.S. Airways

Has merged with American Airlines (see American Airlines)

British Airlines

Up to $200 in savings for AARP members

Car Rentals

Alamo Car Rental

AARP members can receive up to 25% off


AARP members can save between $10–$25 off Avis Car Rentals

Budget Rent-A-Car 

(50+) AARP members can save up to 30% discount on rental cars, additional driver with no extra cost, and get an upgrade on compact through full size bookings (depending on availability), and more. Visit the AARP website to see more limited time offers

Dollar Rent-A-Car

(50+) 10% off


(50+) 20% off base rates

If you sign up for their 50+ program you can receive additional benefits


AARP members receive a 5% off on rentals in the U.S. and Canada, additional driver, and with no extra cost, and free upgrade. Use CODE A057400 when making a reservation online


Best Western 

(55+) 10% off or more for AARP AND senior guests

Cambria Suites 

(50+) 20–30% off 

Just type in CODE #00062600 in the Special Rate ID Field online OR calling their Toll free number (877) 424-6423 and quoting the discount #00062600

Candlewood Suites

(62+) Discounts vary, call to confirm

Clarion Hotels 

(50+) 20–30% off 

Just type in CODE #00062600 in the Special Rate ID Field online OR calling their Toll free number (877) 424-6423 and quoting the discount #00062600

Comfort Inn 

(50+) 20–30% off 

Just type in CODE #00062600 in the Special Rate ID Field online OR calling their Toll free number (877) 424-6423 and quoting the discount #00062600

Comfort Suites 

(50+) 20–30% off 

Just type in CODE #00062600 in the Special Rate ID Field online OR calling their Toll free number (877) 424-6423 and quoting the discount #00062600

Crowne Plaza

(62+) Discounts vary, call to confirm

Days Inn

(60+) Discounts vary, call (800) 225-3297 and request the “senior rate”

Hampton Inn & Suites 

AARP members receive a 10% off

Holiday Inn 

(50–62+) or Valid ID of Retired Persons Organizations) 10–20% off, varies by location 

Discount can’t be combined with discounted room rates. Also make sure to compare prices, as the senior discount is not always the best offer.

Howard Johnson Hotel 

(60+) Receive discounts off your stay by booking through this link or calling (800) 225-3297 and requesting their “senior rate”


(62+) Up to 50% off

Knights Inn

(60+) Up to 10% off

La Quinta Inn 

(65+) Discounts vary by location


(62+) 15% or more off

Motel 6

(60+) Up to 10% off

Sleep Inn 

(50+) 20–30% off

Just type in CODE #00062600 in the Special Rate ID Field online OR call their Toll free number (877) 424-6423 and quote the discount #00062600


(60+) Receive discounts up to 10% off your stay by booking through the Ramada Website or calling (800) 854-9517 and requesting their “senior rate”

Super 8

(60+) Receive discounts up to 10% off your stay by booking through this Super 8 Website or calling (800) 454-3213 and requesting their “senior rate”


(60+) Receive discounts up to 10% off your stay by booking through the Travelodge (Wyndham) Website or calling (800) 525-4055 and requesting their “senior rate”

Wyndham Hotels

(60+) Receive discounts up to 10% off your stay by booking through this Wyndham Hotels Website or calling (800) 225-3297 and requesting their “senior rate”


Cruise ship on the water.

Carnival Cruise Lines

(55+) Visit the Carnival Cruise Website to access exclusive senior fares 

Celebrity Cruises

(55+) Follow the Celebrity Cruises Website to access exclusive senior fares or call a Celebrity Cruise Advisor to check if your trip is discounted 

(discount should be applied when birth date is entered)

Royal Caribbean International 

(55+) Book through the Royal Caribbean Website, after you book and are asked ‘how many guests’ you will see a pop-up asking you to select a discount, from there choose: “Seniors Age(55+)” then “continue”

AARP Travel Center 

(50+) AARP members can earn onboard credits by booking through AARP Travel Center


(50+) AMAC members can get discounts, free upgrades, and bonuses with participating cruise lines such as Carnival, Crystal, Norwegian, and Royal Caribbean International, just book through the AMAC Cruises Website

Other Travel Discounts

National Parks

(62+) Senior lifetime pass for $80 and an annual pass for $20, passes allow free entrance for traveling companions as long as they are in the same non-commercial vehicle 

*New prices came into effect on August 28, 2017, passes purchased before the price change are still valid*


(62+) 5% off

Amtrak Senior Discounts

(65+) 10% off most rail fares on most Amtrak trains

(60+) 10% off for cross-border services operated jointly by Amtrak and VIA Rail Canada

Medical Alert System Discounts

Medical Alert Systems reassure that you will be able to receive proper care in emergencies or any medical situation that may require a fast response. These systems operate so effortlessly, more and more seniors want them in their homes. However, they come with a hefty price tag. Find out ways you can save on alert systems below.

Bay Alarm Medical

ASA, AMAC, AARP, and USAA members receive special discounts, receive 3 months free when you refer a friend


Receive one month free


Receive two free months with the purchase of an annual plan

Cell Phone Plans

Whether you’re in need for a plan with more data or less data, cell phone carriers are always looking out for seniors. Checkout the plans below to see what best fits your needs or if your current carrier has any special deals.


(65+) Offers a Senior Nation Plan that gives you 200 Anytime Minutes, Unlimited Mobile to Mobile Minutes, and 500 Nights and Weekend minutes, without long distance and roaming charges 

AARP members receive a 10% off qualified monthly AT&T voice and data wireless plans and 15% off eligible wireless accessories

Consumer Cellular

(50+) AARP members receive a 5% discount on usage and monthly fees 

Metro PCS

(50+) 5% for AARP members


(55+) Sign up for unlimited talk, text, and LTE data for two lines at a set price of $70 a month. Make sure to ask about their limited time only plans for seniors   


(55+) Senior Phone Plan only available in Florida 


Below you will find miscellaneous discounts ranging from gift baskets to movie tickets.

AARP Bookstore 

(50+) AARP members get 40% off select popular titles and free downloads of certain ebooks


(60+) Up to 30 percent off

Personalization Universe 

(50+) AARP members get 20% off 

Regal Cinemas

(60+) Up to 30 percent off

UPS Store

(50+) AARP members get 20% off online printing, 15% off select products and service, 5% off shipping

(50+) AARP members get 20% off

(50+) AARP members get 20% off 

Many places offer senior discounts, but most of them don’t advertise them. Make sure you’re always asking when paying for the services you need. Most places are happy to give out discounts if you just ask!

If you have any suggestions on places that offer a senior discount, please let us know in the comments below. Additionally, if you notice that one of our discounts mentioned are incorrect, let us know and we will confirm and adjust our list!

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